Payment & Shipping

Paying for your purchases

Years ago eBay allowed sellers to accept cash, PayPal, checks, just about any sort of payment. Then they bought PayPal and changed the rules so that sellers could only state that they accepted cash or PayPal. Then they sold PayPal, and now - who knows what they allow! Anyway, we accept PayPal, cash, and personal checks. We wait ten days for checks to clear unless we’ve done business with you before.

USA Shipping (and fees)

Stamp purchases that total $20 or more are shipped free to any USA address. Stamp purchases that total up less than $20 are shipped as a First Class Package and the buyer gets a tracking number. As of November 1, 2016 we charge $2.45 for shipping those items. The Post Office charges us $2.60 for each package. I’d like to ship everything for free, but being basically a one man operation with the stamp side of things, I can’t do that and stay in business! I hope you understand that and don’t ding me on the eBay ratings for high shipping fees!

Non-stamp purchases are handled on an individual basis, depending on how much they weigh and how much they sold for.

I make every attempt to ship out items the same day they are paid for. If a payment is made before 2:00 Pacific Time, there is a 99% chance it’ll go to the Post Office (or UPS) that day. Items paid for after that cut-off time go out  the next day.