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Our auctions are primarily focused on classic United States postage stamps. You will also see non-stamp items for sale in our eBay store. The stamps we offer on eBay are both mint and used, singles, blocks, partial and sometimes full sets. Every once in a while we'll also have some really old, classic postal history covers posted for sale.


We make every attempt to describe our stamps accurately. In addition to a standard magnifying glass, we've got a 20/40x microscope that is used for examining and identifying. Even with this kind of equipment, there may be stamps that we've mis-identified, or a small fault we've not caught. Please be assured that we offer a 100% money back policy on our stamps. If you are not happy with your purchase - for whatever reason - please let us know and we'll promptly refund your money.

Unused stamps will be either described as never hinged or previously hinged. If hinged, we'll note if there are hinged or page remnants on the stamp. Used stamps should be assumed to have hinge and/or page remnants attached.

Paper Type

US stamps are printed primarily on two different kinds of paper: hard white and soft porous. Some of the 19th century Bank Note issues were printed on the soft porous paper in addition to the hard white stuff. Same with the Official stamps - those printed in 1873 were on the normal, hard white paper, while those from 1879 were printed on the soft porous paper. Sometimes it's possible to tell the difference by feel, other times  by taste. No - just kidding! We don't normally taste our stamps. If you want to read a good write-up of how to tell the difference in paper types, go to our links page and click on the "1847USA Stamp Identification Home Page" link. Over on the upper right corner of their page you'll see a link to "Paper Types". Go there and read all about it!