Our Items: 2017.09.24

Hello - welcome to this week’s blog entry. A bit late, I will admit. Been busy getting next week’s stamp auctions ready for tonight’s launch into eBay. Also, our weather has been splendid this past week and it afforded me the opportunity to do some woodworking projects in the garage. Summers are too hot, winters are cold and damp. So, I’ve only got limited time to do my other hobby out there and feel comfortable!

Tonight we’ve got 18 stamp auctions closing, beginnign around 6:00 pacific time. Most are 19th century issues and include juicy items like Scott 37a, 36, 71, 69, 78, 96, 98, 115, and many others. We have a used Scott 68 and a mint no gum Scott 68 included, too. You will find a very nice mint never hinged Scott 285 and a lightly hinged Scott 327. And, as mentioned last week, another back of the book offering. This time it is a really nicely centered Scott E7.

If you are back there on the east coast - stay safe and dry - those darn hurricanes just don’t seem to give up! Good luck with your bidding, no matter where you live.

And stay tuned for our upcoming auctions - tonight we are launching 17 more great looking stamp items, including two mint lightly hinged, very early Washington-Franklin imperf plate number blocks of six - Scott 384 and 484.