Our Items: 2023.03.18

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! Happy March 18 / happy Saturday, whatever…

We’ve got four stamp auction lots closing this evening: three of them are lots of mixed foreign countries with 166, 172, and 200 stamps. The fourth lot is for 56 nice British Commonwealth stamps. All four lots contain a mix of mint and used stamps.

Considering the Scott minimum catalog value for any stamp is $0.25, this is a real bargain. The lot of 166 stamps starts at $1.75 - that amounts to a MINIMUM catalog value of $41.50 - there are many stamps in the lot cataloging well over that $0.25 mark! And there are NO bids so far. You can’t go wrong with any of these lots!

I’ve tried to make sure there are no duplicates and no faults with these stamps. However, stuff happens and I’ve added a few extra stamps in each lot, just in case I’ve missed a dupe or a fault.

Got several more lots going up for auction tonight, so there’ll be a lot more good stamps for you to bid on!

Good luck, enjoy the stamps, and stay safe out there.